"The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go."John Muir

For some it's a dream, for others it's a lifestyle.
Living or vacationing at altitude, "above it all", is a special experience, and our objective at MountainZIP is to help you enjoy it. Read our Mountain Town Reviews of some very special or unusual places in the high country that you would enjoy visiting or making your home, as well as information on how you can get "high". What is a Mountain ZIP?

You might have a favorite mountain town that deserves mention. We welcome your reviews and comments.

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What is a Mountain ZIP you ask?
It's a very Special Location. And all these locations have an associated Zip Code. While this isn't a directory of Zip Codes, we use the idea that a Zip Code helps to define these specific locations.

Some people identify their home with their Zip Code. Some Zip Codes are famous, like Beverly Hills, 90210 (or Dr. 90210).

For several years starting in 2000, National Geographic magazine ran a regular monthly feature to focus on the community in one ZIP Code.

Each summer on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO (80301), there is a 'busker' (street performer) who challenges the crowd to give him a Zip Code he can't connect to it's actual location. He often adds a favorite dish at a restaurant or a point of interest in that particular Zip Code, and we've never seen him stumped.

The highest town with a Zip Code is Leadville, CO (80461). With an altitude of 10,152 feet, it is a real mountain town.

What defines a Mountain location?
Many towns and cities thought of as "mountain" communities aren't really in the mountains. Denver (80201), while located at 5,280 feet altitude, is at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Denver's nickname was once "The Queen City of the Plains." Denver should be considered a "mountain" town based on the fact the mountains are an obvious part of the Mile High City's landscape. But we don't. Real mountain towns have a particular property that causes the locals to 'accommodate' the mountains in their environment: Deep snows, breathtaking views, or valleys deep enough to cause premature sunsets, are among characteristics of what we must endure to say we're really in the Mountains. If we must put a number on it, the best mountain towns are generally located above 6,000 feet, but there are many towns located deep in the mountains as low as 4,000 feet.

So welcome to our ZIPs...the MountainZIPS. Visit Our Towns. These are locations that we love, that are in the Mountains, and that are very unique. Not every Mountain town, but those that are very special.

You know, it's all about "Location, Location, Location."